• How do I get to the Maldives?

Several schedule and charter flights operate direct to the Maldives on a regular basis. Common destinations are India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia, As well the client can book and reserve airline through us. For more information please email us.

  • How to book your holiday?

The best and the easiest way to your holiday to the Maldives are through your travel agent. Maldives is now a very popular holiday destination and most travel agents and tour operators can offer very special packages. For Online Reservation please fill the form.

  • How do I get to the resorts or hotels?

When you arrive at the Male’ International Airport, you will be met by our representative and transferred to your resort or hotel by speedboat or by sea plane, depending on how far the resort or hotel is from the airport.

  • What to wear?

Maldives has a tropical climate and is warm throughout the year. Light and loose cotton garments come in handy. While public nudity is illegal, swim-wear would suffice on the resorts, with casual clothes and sandals for dinner. When visiting inhabited islands or the capital, Male’, it is recommended to cover from the torso down to the knees.

  • What to do on your holiday?

Maldives resorts are very modern and built to high standards. The services and facilities available are second to none. Maldivian are naturally very friendly and it is easy to get accustomed to the local way of life. Sun bathing, Swimming, diving, snorkeling, Water Sports and recreational facilities are available in almost all resorts. Fishing, island hopping and evening entertainment programs are frequently organized.

  • Is it possible to do something outside the resort?

As there are inhabited islands nearby your resort, most resorts provide excursions and visits to these islands. This is an excellent opportunity to see the locals and learn about Maldivian culture and people. Picnics to uninhabited islands, shopping and sightseeing tours to Male’ can also be arranged in many resorts. To experience the Maldives fully, book a photo-flight on a seaplane that would offer an unforgettable sight of these beautiful islands from the air!

  • Do I need any vaccinations before arrival?

If you are from a Central African nation or South America, or if you have traveled through these areas to get here you need to have a valid certificate indicating that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. If not, you do not need any specific vaccination certificates to get into the Maldives. If, however, you want to be extra careful, do consult your personal physician for his recommendations.

  • Are Maldivian resorts children-friendly?

All resorts are equipped to handle children; however, some resorts provide additional and special children’s facilities, such as playgrounds, children’s pools as well as baby-sitting services. Inform us if you need any further details.

  • Can I have honeymoon or celebrate our anniversary in the Maldives?

Special honeymoon and anniversary packages are offered by all resorts. Please inform   us on early for more information or to arrange special events to mark your special occasion.

  • Do I need to exchange foreign currency?

All prices and transactions are in US Dollars. Through the country accept major credit cards and can send the money through bank to bank in United States Dollar.

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