Liveaboards Maldives

Liveaboards in Maldives

Cruising in the Maldives offers you the best of both worlds. The chance to see many of the beautiful islands of Maldives, and the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the world’s greatest dive sites. Find out how to get the best out of your cruise- both ways.

Many people believe that a cruise is the best way of really appreciating the unique beauty of the Maldives, 99% of which is water.

You may choose a relaxing cruise through the atolls, which lets you, be in total harmony with nature as your boat winds its way through the multitude of islands.

You don’t need to pack much, T-shirts, shorts, wraparound skirts and swimming suites are everyday wear suitable for



more mundane occasions such as visits to tourist resorts as well. Avoid rigid suitcases, which are difficult to stow onboard.

Life onboard follows the rhythm of the sun with snorkeling, visits to local villages and walks on desert islands, there will be no time to get bored, and the days will pass pleasantly.

Those of you who love to relax will be lying lazily on the deck of your yacht, perhaps reading a good book, Everyone will enjoys the bright and colorful sunsets, perhaps with a long cool drink

In the evenings, perhaps if you are in the mood, get off at a resort close by and enjoy a drink or two at the bar, or get a break from the relaxation of the day by taking part in the disco.

On the other hand it could be a fire-lit barbecue on the beach of a desert island, under the stars, or enjoying local music at a fishing village.

And then, it is the end of another memorable day in paradise and off to sleep, to wake up anew, to more of the same dream.

Book your cruise/live board holiday with us to make your dream come to reality.

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